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Drachmae Money is a Digital Currency Mobile Money platform. With Drachmae Money you can send and receive digital currency in the world using a simple SMS or from your Mobile Money Wallet.

Drachmae Money enables Users, Tourists and Businesses to beat the reliance on traditional banking structures and trade with each other, buy goods and services, receive discounts and earn loyalty points.

With the current financial crisis Drachmae Money puts the ability to trade back in to the hands of the people.

  • Drachmae - Loyalty System

  • Digital Currency Merchant Processing

  • Fiat Multi-wallet payment gateway

  • Cash in / Cash Out

  • Voting Blockchain System




Mobile Money

Send and receive money using SMS or Mobile App. Works with ALL phones





Point of Sale

mPos with our Android or iOS App or use our SMS enabled POS terminals




PC or Mac

send and receive money online and pay at any store displaying Drachmae Money (checkout as you would with your credit card or paypal).




Cash In / Cash Out - Drachmae

Money enables you to spend digital Currency at selected locations and cash in or out for local currency (Euro), at their discretion, or use one of our Drachmae Money enabled ATM's






Drachmae Loyalty

Receive discounts on your holidays in Greece via the Drachmae loyalty scheme with local merchants and participating Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions and more.

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