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DT-Token & DT-Chain


E-Drachma Version Two 13/03/2016

Work in Progress V2


From the education and live trials held in 2015 on the small island of Agistri for the conclusions of version one it was determined that the travel sector not only for Greece but worldwide would benefit from simple application over the blockchain. The workings of such a system is described and discussed. Such systems may ameliorate and disrupt the travel industry alongside the remittance corridors and bridging across to micro payments.


Version one of E-Drachma was based on blockchain solutions for Greece, with the trials it has escalated into global opportunity around Travel and other elements.









1.0.0 Introduction:

E-Drachma Version Two 13/03/2016 is a follow up and targeting the travel sector to potentially disrupt the travel industry via Token and Blockchain technology.

Key focus is to supplement travel but also target the Air Miles Market to provide value to Travellers.


1.0.1 The proposal:

Key Verticals & Horizontals to the proposal are as follows:

Four Horizontals:

  • Convenience

  • Savings

  • Assurance

  • Community

Four Verticals:

  • Nearly 1.2 Billion Travellers per Year

  • 4 Trillion $ a day in Foreign exchange and other trades

  • Consumer behaviour

  • Big Data, future focused on business innovation, customer relevance and business sustainability

Key sectors to the proposal are as follows:

  • Travel Asset Backed Token

  • Loyalty and Rewards

  • Smart Contracts

  • Micropayments

  • Remittance

  • Settlements and Foreign Exchange

  • Innovation within the travel sector


1.1.0 How would the travel industry respond?

Disruption within the Travel sector:

While the Blockchain is still very new and still hasn't discovered its real use case in the world other than Supporting a currency (Bitcoin, NXT, Ether), it leaves a large opportunity to an outdated industry that is more focused on customer acquisition and paying less to the service providers.

Blockchain technology has the potential to turn the travel sector upside down and revolutionise the Travel sector along with enhancing the tourists experience outside of just a payment method.

Largest disruption will be the travellers benefits and rewards, to date this has been dominated by the Airlines with Air Mile programs but this has now become less worthwhile due to the amount of airlines that and programs available and leaves a market gap between service provider and travellers.


1.2.0 Would such an innovation be accepted by existing travel service providers?

Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind.

Digitization often lowers entry barriers, causing long-established boundaries between sectors to tumble. At the same time, the nature of digital assets causes value chains to disaggregate, creating openings for focused, fast-moving competitors.

New market entrants often scale up rapidly at lower cost than legacy players can, and returns may grow rapidly as more customers join the network.

The way the DT-Token and DT-Chain scale is based on its membership network which overlaps the networks service providers therefore enabling the network to co exist alongside the industry and service providers without them directly getting involved therefore the end user experience is enhanced and the travel sector can choose to adopt directly or simply be a non direct provider. (Cannibalisation)


1.3.0 Will the regulators resist?

Travel sector is highly regulated in some countries such as the UK with ATOL to protect the consumer but different jurisdictions have different rules such as industry Airlines, Hotels etc have different organisation that they need to be registered with.

DT-Token is a loyalty and reward Mechanism for the Travellers benefits therefore it falls under Loyalty & Rewards regulations, Therefore it must have a redemption value for the holder.

Travel Chain provides transparency alongside other supplement function that can be built in which would also appeal to the regulators but this is yet to be proven in real life usage.


2.0.0 Technology has progressed so far could this be a viable option:

Centralized meets Decentralized, by using the best of both technologies flexibility and transparency can provide cutting edge innovation and overcoming market gaps between service providers and consumers.

What was established with decentralized blockchains on the Drachmae project POC in 2015 using NXT is many regulatory issues around digital identity and transactions (Bitcoin, NXT and Ethereum any decentralized blockchain) While this is enabling cross border payments it makes it not tangible when using its decentralised blockchain for entities that are heavily regulated. (Over 70 use cases was tested over the period of the project)

Alongside the following alerts from the POC:

  • Double spend

  • Bitcoin confirmation upto 3h30 (Worst case for confirmation)

  • NXT Confirmation upto 20 mins (Worst case for confirmation)

  • Internet coverage

  • Mobile network coverage

  • End user education

  • End user TRUST

The most alarming risk factor is Core developers when Digital currency is alleged to be decentralised it is apparent the core developers have many forms of control to the code and put risk to services or companies using the core functions of the blockchain.

In the past 2 years we have seen a growth around blockchain technology down to side chains and private chains, What is the most compelling is permission based and the Identity of the node holder is established this therefore enables solutions to overcome local jurisdiction compliance around digital identity and big data. (IOT)

Many recent outlooks also come back to the Core developers if they are paid or not even with the blockchain community being strong it is still very reliant on the developers and it is now becoming apparent the weakness in non paid or underpaid core developers putting the risk factor into building a service or business alike around that technology.


2.1.0 Building confidence

Four forms of confidence building is required:

  • Consumer confidence

  • Service provider confidence

  • Network confidence

  • Community confidence


2.2.0 A simple solution

In a short to medium term to provide a cost effective alongside fast service to travellers in the shape of a travel club from which the members receive exclusive pricing and alternative benefits they may use regardless of traveling or using them locally.

Starting out with an elegant but simple blockchain solution for business/VIP members in the form of a tradeable membership provide OPT In and OPT Out solution to that level membership that also can be financially rewarding due to the membership becoming a tradeable asset within the network.


2.3.0 Long term solution

Long term goal is to disrupt the travel sector whilst supplementing via out of the box innovation that provides the traveller various benefits & services, this also possible by using blockchain technology and not only cutting costs but enhancing the travellers experience.

2.4.0 Gradual increase of adoption

Adoption ratio is built over useful and viable benefits to the network users this comes in various shapes and forms and may well not be blockchain specific.

Non Blockchain based

  • Travel game app

  • Travel booking portal

  • Short travel documentaries

  • Travel Money service (Visa Card)

  • Travel communications network

Blockchain based

  • DT-Token in the form of a Loyalty and Rewards

  • Smart contracts

  • Escrow service

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Limited supply of issuance


3.0.0 Who can adopt such a service

A network of services and benefits at its core to service consumers, within this is a business strategy that enables Work Groups or communities to take advantage of such services to upsell to their member or customer base with the simplicity and low cost adoption.

Blockchain technology will at its core make it more affordable to service and run compared to alternative solutions in the market, due to the Permission based Key nodes to support the network from within the node holders play various roles and earn revenues.

Example: Travel club service can be adopted and rolled out to existing Members or customers.

  • Sports associations, groups or clubs

  • Financial services, credit card providers or banks

  • Small independent travel agents

  • Hotels or tourism associations

  • Media outlets

Example: Travel currency as loyalty and reward mechanism

  • Airlines

  • Tour groups

  • Credit card companies

  • Banks

  • Hotels, bars and restaurants


3.1.0 Technology to be used in the DT-Chain:

The blockchain platform upon which Drachmae is built relies on the definition of trust roles enforced by cryptographically verifiable identities, secured in hardware modules.

All nodes – servers upon which the blockchain runs – are therefore permissioned and immune to network manipulation. Performance is exceptional and the platform scales in a near linear fashion as nodes are added.

Transaction speed and settlement of under a second, and throughout of millions of transactions per second can be achieved.

There are no blocksize limits as experienced by slower, public blockchains, and the accumulation of vast data volume does not affect performance.


3.1.1 Permission based VS Decentralized:

Public (non-permissioned) blockchains utilize two types of algorithms to achieve consensus across a network of nodes, operated by parties generally unknown to each other. These are “Proof of Work” (POW) and “Proof of Stake” (POS).

POW, used by Bitcoin for example, involves nodes performing complex and costly mathematical calculations that use significant amounts of electricity when voting. Trying to launch an attack against the network consensus i.e. attempt fraud, is in theory more costly than the amount that can be gained by the fraud.

POS requires a node to put up a bond in order to participate. Each transactional block requires the participating nodes to post an amount of the blockchain currency to back up a consensus vote. If the node attempts to manipulate or commit fraud it loses its bonded currency, again implying a cost to aberrant behaviour.

In a Permissioned Blockchain there is no need for complex computations or financial gambles. Each node is a known participant, subject to legal agreements, issued with a cryptographically verifiable identity (private key) secured within a hardware device attached to the node. Any aberrant behaviour has consequences agreed to by participants, and this may also result in the invalidation of permissions.


3.1.2 Bitcoin and Altcoins VS DT-Token:


Bitcoin has made its entry into the travel industry as payment method based on its low cost in fees and no chargebacks benefits, But even with these two benefits it still does not gain enough traction or momentum and currently provides a novelty value.

Expedia one of the very first pioneers to accept Bitcoin one year later announced the slumb decrease in turnover accepting bitcoin as method of payment.

We need to review why large companies later on announce a slump in sales conversion with bitcoin and the most logical answer is Bitcoin is used as store of value and trading tool opposed to a method of everyday use for purchasing power of consumer goods and services.

We also need to take note that Bitcoin is not widespread distributed compare the consumer market therefore does not provide enough appeal to go out and buy Bitcoin to use with a service provider.


Due to the DT-Token not being POW and the need of expensive setups alongside its simple distribution and Asset Value structure plays a much larger role to onboarding holders of the DT-Token via its loyalty and rewards distribution.

The more services used and purchased means greater rewards, when we take into consideration some of the largest services have large membership or client base makes this highly viable to onboard the average joe and who take benefits of such services.

  • DT Roaming sims

The largest service provider based out of Eastern Europe has 5 millions Sims put into the marketplace

  • DT Club

U.S based travel clubs and the largest to date is around 600,000 Member but that could well be overtaken by the Asian market which has now become the new hotspot of travel clubs.

  • DT Money

Travel money services are in the 10s of Millions globally (Does not include Remittance or Micro payments)

By specific targeted user bases gives the DT-Token the upper hand based on the average joe user.

This was proven in the POC 2015 Agistri when Nautiluscoin was distributed to residence and used as payment method for the BBQ those that did not have Nautiluscoin simply paid in euros as they saw no real benefit to buy the currency when they can pay in cash. (Consumer Behaviour, Lazy, simplicity)

Tourists alike expressed they see no added value to go buy Digital currency if they can pay by traditional methods but if they already hold the Digital currency they would take the benefits and savings it could provide.


3.1.3 DT-Token VS Air Miles

Air Miles

We need to look at consumer behaviour as this also plays the largest role if the consumer is able to get Air miles when using there credit card and goes to the fuel station purchases fuel they get double rewarded and then goes shopping and pays with the card he gets double rewarded this automatically fits into the consumer's daily life and is automatically done to his account, In Holland with a 16 million population you have 3.8 million people collecting Air Miles.


It’s estimated 14 Trillion Air miles (60% of Air miles issued) have never been redeemed and when we consider that travellers can buy Avio Air Miles for 0.031£ (0.045$) that then creates a market depth and market cap of over 600 Billion USD, you can buy and sell Airmiles even exchange them everything bitcoin can do, but Air miles are supported and promoted by large companies with direct access to end consumers.


Even with large companies and benefits alongside widespread adoption Air Miles are heavily criticised over 70% of frequent flyers complain they want to use Air miles on something different than flights and 60% of people do not redeem the Air Miles as they feel they need to collect too many to see any real benefits.


When comparing DT-Token VS Air Miles due to the nature of decentralization enables the the use case to be much far wider spread and providing a OPT IN & OPT OUT role from the Asset pool therefore enabling holders exit at anytime and not being restricted to simply exchange or save until they have enough Air Miles.

DT-Token also works in the same ways as Air Miles you get rewarded based on your purchasing power at partner or network services, but maintaining its use case outside of that set network at the same time.

Due to the DT-Token being limited in supply this therefore enhances the value for the holders regardless them holding 1 or 1,000 they still gain a constant growth that adds value to the end user over the restriction Air Miles holds over its holders.


3.1.4 Would a Registration be required and what would it change:

KYC and AML of the Node Owners is specific in the long term longevity of the network also when breaking down side into local jurisdiction side chains to comply with local data regulation.

Registration of the node owners makes the decentralized network more compliant and scalability.

Example Country A:

Country A regulation specify KYC & AML data more be within its jurisdiction borders alongside if Node owners become bad actors the network is compliant in supporting any legal restraints imposed locally.

Example Country B:

Local transactions must be stored within its jurisdiction there all records can be stored over these local nodes and be authenticated.

This then leads into Digital Identity which later on can be added as a bolt on to store specific information:

  • Passports

  • Health insurance

  • Visas

  • Travel Insurance

  • Permits

  • ID

  • Driving licenses.


3.2.0 A (parallel) monetary system Travel currency:

Loyalty & Reward mechanism are monetary systems therefore in the right they are there own currency issued by the company or provider.

When we look at loyalty programs that are in the market issued by Airlines, Banks and coffee shops we need to take a real look at the market exposure they have and what the potential redemption market cap value is.

Adding asset backing to a loyalty program greatly expands its reach for the end consumer when we look at the beginnings of Bitcoin and Altcoin.


3.2.1 DT-Token asset backing pool:

Multi Asset pool is to enable not just backing value but the OPT OUT redemption to holders that no longer wish to hold the value.


3.2.2 Fiat currency asset backing:

Due to most purchases being in Fiat currency a percentage will be taken and added to the asset pool of that currency this therefore enables the Forex Market to be played and valued growth to the asset pool.

Due to the DT-Token being issued as loyalty and reward and redeemable by law there needs to be minimum redemption offered to the holders, Fiat therefore enables that OPT IN & OPT OUT for the holders in their native currency if this is stored in the Asset pool.


3.2.3 Digital currency asset backing:

The Addition of Digital Currency adds a interesting and financial YOYO to the asset pool due to Volatility makes this an ideal trader basket.

In the same way Fiat currency is accepted the network will support a handful of Digital currencies a percentage will be taken and added to the asset pool of that currency this therefore enables the exchange Market to be played and valued growth to the asset pool.

Due to the DT-Token being issued as loyalty and reward and redeemable by law there needs to be minimum redemption offered to the holders, This also enables holders to redeem against their prefered crypto currency therefore enables that OPT IN & OPT OUT for the holders if this is stored in the Asset pool.


3.2.4 Physical asset backing:

Physical assets can be Gold, silver and branching off into physical real estate this then diversifies the asset pool and risk factor of loss of value.


3.2.5 Carbon credit backing:

When dealing with travel you tap into the be GREEN market and this market is hard hit by Airlines and governments, therefore Carbon Credits makes the most ideal asset backing for a currency that caters to multiple global markets along with investment and trade opportunities.

Secondly by tokenization of carbon credits would spearhead a full transparency to carbon trading and opens up new markets Globally and would provide corporate and government level of supported asset that is redeemable.


3.2.6 Your Data, the digital YOU asset backing:

In the day and age of digital marketing your personal information is a valuable asset. Your Data, the digital YOU, is collected and sold time and time again, to market goods and services to you, from PPI to Health Care to Holidays and in some cases things you actually want, making a lot of agencies, some scrupulous and some not so, a lot of money. In fact it makes everyone a lot of money, except YOU.

PRM aims to change that, by putting the value of You and your Digital You, into your hands. It’s time that the commodity of personal information actually benefits those people being marketed to. Why should you not make money out of YOUR personal information?

Well now you can with PRM the profit sharing personal data management service.

Users will be able to upload and manage their personal identity and then choose which services they would like to receive marketing information on. Once their data is distributed they receive a share of the value of their lead. By keeping the data clean and up to date users will gain additional rewards of DT-Token, essentially creating a new asset backed currency.


3.2.7 Start up investment asset backing

Due to the asset pool growing from services revenues the strategy moving forward and to diversify service revenues enables the community via the Asset Pool to vote to use some of the asset pool funds to invest into business startups.

Diversifying service revenues provides the long term security to the network growth also distributes risk factor of constant network growth in revenues.


3.3.0 A (parallel) Business Network “The services & business opportunity”

Main objective going forward is to supplement business with services available for a very simple and easy use case of the Travel Club:

Travel club can be broken down into country licences to market to that country as franchise model therefore enabling a business opportunity to expand the network and continuing constant growth to the network.

This could be done with multiple services to be put into the marketplace as a collective group.

In return this would also expand services from new providers on a global scale.


3.3.1 Expanding partnerships within service providers:

Building partnerships with established service providers is a much more successful roadmap opposed to trying to replace them, otherwise creating some form of competition also enhances market education and innovation.

Supporting and enhancing a service provider's business plays a very large role and provides a neutrality for users.

In many cases of the DT-Token being used as a loyalty and reward mechanism helps in forging partnerships for companies that have failing loyalty programs or do not provide added value to its customer base.


3.3.2 Establishing local strategic partnerships:

Localised partnerships provide power in numbers especially when targeting travel and business economics is always consistent with the smaller businesses, therefore engaging in local strategic partnerships help to build trust in the services and network in return builds trust for its users.


3.3.3 Establishing Proof of Concepts:

To continue growth and new benefits to network members there will be the constant need for LIVE POC trials to continue establishing improvements or failures.

With most technology everything is built in a room by developers and tested by those developers therefore when going to the mainstream user it may occur that the developers have gone down the Rabbit hole and forgotten about the touch of reality.

POC also help to establish consumer reaction and establish the levels of education required.

One Size fits all does not work in the real world therefore POC must be done in multiple markets to provide a better framework and user experience alongside getting the maximum result from any POC Trials.

Debunking ideas is more viable as they may not work today but may well work next year and this will also enhance the design of creating a successful roadmap.


3.3.4 Building a distribution network:

Via strategic partnerships that could be from sports to fintech various services can be repackaged and supplied to associations members or customer base as a special deal.

Supporting business growth of existing networks is a key player specially in the Cryptosphere enabling their currency to be used with services and be multifunctional and multi support.


4.0.0 A profitable solution proposal

Most services provide membership revenue therefore residual revenue provides a constant float and room for expanding.

10,000 Members on the Travel club provide revenue and inflow to the Asset pool.

Alternative services such as PRM and Communication provide sales revenues.


4.1.0 DT Club:

Travel sector is outdated and primed for innovation even with bitcoin being added to platforms such as expedia and a few airlines it has failed to disrupt the travel industry.

Due to the complexity to start a travel agency or tour operator it is much more viable to create private travel club with an overlapping portal that works in the form of memberships and exclusive deals.

Travel club takes no revenues from bookings as the club is membership oriented therefore enabling service providers to provide better value to the members.

Current services available

  • 800,000 Hotels/destinations

  • Discount of upto 75% on Top end hotel bookings

  • 600 airlines

  • 100 low cost airlines

  • Over 850 Airline lounges

  • Built in travel coverage to the membership

  • Membership level membership levels

  • Best price assurance

  • Car rental upto 20% discount

  • Private jet medical evacuation coverage

  • Members only cruise deals

  • 24/7 concierge service

  • Dining and entertainment discounts

  • Built in digital currency bank for rewards and cashback

  • Many more benefits and services to be rolled out



4.1.1 DT Money:

Drachmae money is a platform that uses the blockchain to facilitate cross border remittance, leveraging existing mobile money, payment processing and cash in / out facilities.

The simplicity of the system is that it allows for mobile money providers, cash businesses, payment processors and MNO’s to interoperate via a closed loop hub, that uses tokenization.

The benefit of the blockchain ledger to provide an anti-fraud mechanism whilst allowing for reduced costs, faster transactions, inbuilt regulation and compliance and interoperability between disparate systems. As with existing mobile money solutions the tokens can be sent via SMS, Mobile App or Website.

  • Instant Transfers

  • Payroll & Auditing

  • E-commerce

  • Local Mobile Money

  • Point of Sale

  • Loyalty Reward Points

  • Visa Travel Card


4.1.2 Drachmae Exchange:

Exchange will provide the backbone for Membership trading alongside tokenized assets within the Network backed up by the blockchain pushing all trades over the blockchain.

Exchange interface will also serve as Geo mapping for network support nodes and foreign exchange nodes.

The interface will also serve as a global mapping service to find your closest outlets that accept network services.


4.1.3 Drachmae Connect:

Drachmae Connect portal is a B2B platform

Drachmae Connect main objective is to provide a social engagement platform to the global business sector and at the same providing an alternative trading solution in the same way as www.bartercard.com and www.wir.ch

This is highly achievable as the use of currency and smart contracts assist in breaking down barriers in fair trade globally

Membership revenues are reverted back into the asset pool to manage and maintain the constant growth of the network value.

So what can you do:

  • Create a full profile

  • Be a part of the community

  • Promote your hotel throughout the world

  • connect with people around the world

  • Use our 12 level advanced search systems

  • Communicate through our Live Chat system

  • Access our booking centre

  • Connect through any device - pc/mobile/tablet

  • Download our support documents

  • Create & Join vertical business groups

  • Access our investor group contact databases

  • Create Crowdfunding campaigns or Donate

  • Create your own classified adverts & offers

  • Brand your groups / change the wallpaper

  • Create and view live wall posts & Comments

  • Share ideas and discussions live

  • Grow your business

  • Create & Promote events

  • Create & sell business event tickets

  • Upload business videos & Promos

  • Link to existing videos & promos

  • Upload product images and photos

  • View other members photos & videos

  • Sponsor pages for added exposure

  • Generate referrals

  • Find suppliers & Partners

  • Integrate your business Twitter feeds

  • See who has visited your profile

  • Edit your profile & privacy settings

  • Send & receive emails to connected members

  • Invite other businesses and save money

  • Accept or decline connection requests

  • Keep upto date with the latest News

  • Access our business conference centre

  • & much, much more


Business network Trading of goods and services:

The business network portal provides valued services, with the addition of the blockchain and smart contracts also DT-Tokens the business members may use this as method of trade as Full or partial payment for goods and services. (Yearly membership package that Includes DT-Token)

Example the Yearly member receives 80% of the membership in DT-Token so they may trade and barter with other participating businesses.


4.1.4 Drachmae Communication:

Drachmae Communication has 2 specific market reaches to target

  • Global travel roaming services

  • Secured Communications


4.1.5 Drachmae PRM:

The Digital YOU is so valuable alongside very annoying unwanted sales calls, Valid clean and OPT IN data has a value of 0.10$ to 150.00$ per lead depending on sector and when you consider that your data is re-sold again and again without your approval.

  • Solar

  • Home Improvements

  • Warranty Data

  • PPI

  • IVA, Debt Management

  • Mobility Products

  • Investors

  • Charity Donors

  • Mis-sold / Claims products

  • Pension

  • Wills

  • SMS Data

  • Mobile phone numbers

  • Life Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Travel services

  • Remortgage / Mortgage

  • White Goods Warranty

  • Boiler replacement

  • Loft / cavity wall insulation

  • Green Deal

  • Windows, doors, kitchens, conservatories & more

Benefits of PRM

With the user approval and choice of services they wish to hear about can be used as a revenue model to the users who approve to participate.

If the user opts out by each month deadline date the data will be removed and they will not receive any further rewards.

How do the users get compensated

They are rewarded in DT-Token based on each month renewal and information updates, due to the currency being asset backed a large portion of the revenue from the data sales goes into the asset pool therefore increasing the Asset Pool value and therefore increasing the compensation to the PRM User.

Quick Example of data value

The below numbers are basic valuation Per month sales: (Potential growth to Asset Pool)



















Debt Management







4.2.0 Financial costs and funding

4.2.1 I.C.O

4.2.2 I.M.O 

 4.2.3 I.N.O

Pricing to be announced in the near future. (Nodes are required to earn income from the transactions)


5.0.0 Conclusion: Disruption to the travel sector:

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