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Drachmae Project started out in April 2015 as paper concept to establish the various use cases that could potentially be used or if they could be debunked, The project went on to become a REAL LIVE use case and Greece was chosen as an exploratory geographical market..


Drachmae project acts as an incubator for use cases to discover potential opportunities in real life scenarios that are not paper based. This is achieved by working with channel partners running parallel services to their existing infrastructures. The core objective is to provide viable hybrid solutions, from SME up to Large Enterprise level business models that onboard businesses to blockchain technology. This may, in turn, roll out to consumers in a practical way.

The small Island of Agistri, Greece was selected and with local people on the 26th September 2015 was initiated with a BBQ Party and distribution of participating Digital currency Nautiluscoin, The use case was to establish if local people who have never heard of Bitcoin could use Nautiluscoin as Payment method in Day to Day operations.

Drachmae Project use case 2015 Agistri, Greece


Use case for 2016 is based on the Telecommunication sector from Data protection, Corporate Identity and Secured communications. Core focus is Nodes and Private keys built into the Simcards enabling verifications of transaction and enabling payments via the SIM alongside a Global Roaming Network over 206 Mobile networks.

Watch our Intro to Global Networks secured over a Permissioned Blockchain Network


Drachmae Travel is members only platform, including a multi-portal booking engine for discounted and exclusive global travel packages. Initially payments for membership fees can be made using digital currency. At a later stage digital currency will also be accepted for bookings on hotels, flights etc…

Memberships are tradeable assets, and there will be a measure of value appreciation since there is a limit on the numbers of memberships. These memberships are not required to pay the monthly subscription if the holders do not require access to the active members area and booking services. Users may own more than one membership.


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